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You dont know me...

...you dont even care

27 February
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It's me!

I'm Amy. I'm 17 and I'm a junior at DCS. I'm madly in love with Steve and we've been dating for a while now. We live together and I have a kitten named Dusty. I like going to and throwing parties, hanging out with my friends and other teenage girl stuff. I'm not a big phone conversationalist, but I still like phone calls. I recently got a job at the dot as a waitress so I'm doing the whole job thing right now. My best friends include, but are not limited to; Alex, Heather, Autumn, Jay, Ellie, Ashley and Steve. If you aren't listed, it's not because you aren't a friend. It's because I'm too lazy to add you. :) Oh yea, I'm lazy, but outgoing and loud and fun to be around. I've done my share of fucked up things, but the past is past, I can't change what I did, I can only make sure they don't happen again. So, if you want to talk to me more, or have any questions or anything, reach me at xwastedxamyx.


((Main SN: sink em fast x))